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When was the CoE:IT for I4.0 established?

National Productivity Council had submitted a proposal to Asian Productivity Organization (APO) for establishment of “Centre of Excellence on IT for Industry 4.0(CoE: IT for I4.0)”, to develop a comprehensive plan to establish a Smart Manufacturing ecosystem in India. NPC’s proposal was approved in the 59th Session of APO Governing Body Meeting in Tehran held from in April, 2017. Subsequently, the CoE: IT for I4.0 was formally inaugurated on 6th June, 2017 as part of the three days National Workshop on “Industry 4.0 and Development of Roadmap for CoE: IT for I4.0” during 6th-8th June, 2017 in NPC premises.

What is the major scope of CoE:IT for I4.0 established?

The major scope of CoE:IT for I4.0 is:

  • To function as a knowledge center for the MSMEs, start-ups etc regarding concepts of information technology and its application
  • To disseminate this knowledge through workshops, lectures, training programmes and portal
  • To coordinate with APO for experts to disseminate knowledge regarding practical applicability of industry 4.0 in other countries
  • To facilitate display of latest technology / demonstration projects for helping the MSMEs, start-ups etc.
  • To facilitate establishment of CoEs in other non- APO countries
What is the Purpose, Vision, Mission, and major Strategies of CoE:IT for I4.0?

Purpose Bring paradigm shift in manufacturing strategies Vision To be knowledge centre in India and provide support to Asia Pacific on I4.0; showcasing the success stories of digital transformation for improving manufacturing competitiveness Mission Help in transforming manufacturing processes of MSMEs through the use of I4.0 technologies Objectives

  • Create Awareness & Develop knowledge base on I4.0
  • Showcase connected industries using I4.0 technologies
  • Disseminate knowledge to various stakeholders

Strategies for Implementation Strategy I-Need Assessment & Capacity Building Strategy II-Create and showcase cyber-physical manufacturing system Strategy III-Develop framework for standardization, security and skill requirement Strategy IV-Co-create Multiplier Effect & provide facilitator role to APO Member Countries (MCs)

Who are the Stakeholders of CoE:IT for I4.0?

  • Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)
  • Start-ups
  • Research and Academia
  • Policy Makers
  • Solution Providers
How can i get associated with CoE:IT for I4.0?

Kindly fill the form given at the _________Section and we will get in touch with you for further discussions.


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